LEADERS FORT waterproofing division is capable of serving all of the waterproofing needs, by providing high tech services to developers, clients, consultants, and main contractors.

Leaders Fort has been using all types of waterproofing membranes including Bitumen(SBS & APP) , PVC, HDPE, EPDM, TPO and others, providing the membranes with the suitable protection layers to achieve a durable full containment of the structure. Our services are built around three core principles quality ,workmanship ,and trust. Led by a skilled team with a long history and experience in waterproofing field targeting the following areas:

  • Substructure “Basement”
  • Superstructure “Roofing, Wet areas and podiums“
  • Roofing Combo System
  • Water tanks
  • Lakes

Leaders fort offers comprehensive waterproofing solutions considering all required detailed shop drawings paying great attention to the details of the skirting, outlets and membrane termination to assure the tightness of the system. Team work, continued customer satisfaction, and innovative interior solutions are fundamental to the success of our business model. Leaders fort is committed to their clients to fulfill their needs within the budget they can afford, and within the time frame they expect.

Polyuria and Spray Solutions

Leaders fort is recognized as a comprehensively professional applicator for all spray solutions like polyuria with huge successful track records in UAE from basic services to special tasks.

Leaders fort has completed many successful polyuria works in landmark projects in the following areas

  • Roofing and Re- roofing
  • Leakages treatment
  • Swimming pools
  • Steel roofing
  • Sewage industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Landscape and infra structure
  • Gardens and anti-roots

Leaders Fort provides complete solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Our offering includes: proper product selection , application method statements, quality assurance, inspection test plans and correct equipment of the application.

For inquiries, please contact our sales engineers