Swisspearl Façade

Europe's leading manufacturer of high-quality fiber cement


Swisspearl offers building envelopes and living spaces, aesthetic and sustainable, by people for people. Working with high quality awareness, respect for nature and our high standards for design and esthetics, we develop and sell innovative, sustainable products for facades, roofs and interior design, as well as garden and design. The scope for architectural flexibility and timeless materials are our distinguishing marks. Value retention and appreciation are our first principles.
  • Since 1894
  • Europe's leading manufacturer of high-quality fiber cement
  • The inventors of fiber cement
  • The Birthplace of this unique material is Vöcklabruck, Austria
  • Around > 90 distributors in 60 countries
Swisspearl is ADCD & DCD Approved and compliant with the UAE fireproofing code.

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