Civil Works

Strengthening by
Carbon Fiber/Jacketing

Leaders fort provides its clients with complete package solution for strengthening an existing structure through their network of recognized designers and reputable suppliers in the following major techniques.
  • Column Jacketing
  • Carbon Fiber Technology
  • Section Enlargement
  • Structure Strengthening
  • Steel Plating & Jacketing
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Structural Assessment
  • PT Locking
  • Cutting & Demolishing

Concrete Rehabilitation & Corrosion Treatment

The concrete renovation process in Leaders Fort is controlled by high skilled technicians with more than 10 years of experience in the region.
  • Full survey of the structural damage and stability
  • Lab compressive tests for concrete cores
  • Catrodic Protection
  • Galvanic Protection
  • Cloride Extraction

Crack Injection

With more than 150,000 linear meter of crack injection, we have developed a massive experience in crack classification and treatment.
  • Sealing the cracks in depth
  • Re-instate the structural integrity of the structural elements
  • Provide water tightness to the structure by sealing the cracks
  • Prevent the expansion of the crack on the long term

We use powerful machines to inject the material into sthe cracks under pressure that can reach up to 4 bar which allows the material to penetrate through, not only to seal the cracks, but also to fill in all the concrete voids that could have resulted from segregation. Leaders Fort has also adopted a grid injection system for heavily leaked areas especially in lower basement to allow for full coverage and penetration of the material to all the voids and provide an underlayment buffer zone to stop the leak permanently.


Concrete Repairing & Screending

From design to application, we master the technique and provide the most suitable screed solution that can take any type of finished flooring system without any future problems.

Leaders Fort has state of the stat of art in screeding and power floating equipment required to achieve a super leveled surface, our engineers and surveyors are available at job sites to assure the work quality. Our range varies from sand – cement screed, epoxy screed and Polyurethane screed, to meet the industry requirements in terms of strength , quality and finish. We do involve in the design and consultation process to meet the client requirements with a cost effective product that suits the project budget.

Underwater Concrete Repair & Treatment

Steel Structure Modification Works

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